Deadbolt locks - better security

Published on 6/3/2018

Some self-storage companies provide pad locks to customers to secure each storage unit. Some have the customer buy their own padlock. Any type of padlock can be cut off, allowing the thief to take your belongings. They move from unit to unit, cutting locks and stealing whatever they choose to take.  My Extra Garage, LLC gives you deadbolt locks. 


The lock mechanism requires the customer to remove the tumbler with the key provided by My Extra Garage, LLC each time the unit is unlocked.  The tumbler is then replaced each time the unit is secured.  The key provided is extremely difficult to duplicate and secures each unit in a unique and safe manner.  This locking system is designed to protect your items.


There is no concern with vandals cutting off your padlock to steal your belongings.  This locking system, together with our wireless security cameras, are designed to provide you with an added sense of confidence that your valuable stored items will be safe.