Tackle These Home Projects to Sell Your House Quickly

Published on 6/29/2021


Tackle These Home Projects to Sell Your House Quickly


Before you list your property, take some time to evaluate your home and your yard. You’re familiar with all the quirks and charms of your home, but a potential buyer might focus on the bedroom wall color or the stain on the living room carpet. Tackling a few easy home projects will help you sell your home quickly and can even increase its value. My Extra Garage presents some ideas that can help attract buyers to your property.


Freshen Up with Paint


If you’ve been living in your current home for a few years, the walls have started to show the wear and tear of daily life. Entryway walls may be scuffed, kitchen walls might have some stains, and your kid’s bedroom is still painted lime green from that time you let them pick out their own room colors when they were ten. Freshen up your home with paint, clean up scuffs and stains, and make your home feel more spacious with a neutral color.


Add a Fence


Make your yard more attractive by adding a wood fence around the back yard. This added privacy will be a huge selling feature, and if potential buyers have a pet, they’ll love that your yard is fenced and puppy-proof. Families with young children will also appreciate a fence and the peace of mind knowing that the yard is safe for their kids. Before you start digging holes for the fence posts, calculate the budget and include installation costs. Measure your yard and decide on the quality of lumber you want to use.


Embrace Technology


Homebuyers are all about the tech, so take some time to install smart home technology, and then watch the offers roll in. Replace outdated thermostats to modernize your home and install temperature and light controls that can be adjusted from a smartphone. Another great tech investment is to install a smart lock for added security and convenience, as well as external security lights, doorbells with embedded cameras, and surveillance cameras.


Update Your Hardware


You don’t need to redo the entire kitchen or bathroom to spruce up the place. You can make a few small upgrades that will impress potential buyers and help you sell your home quickly. By updating your hardware, you’ll unify the light fixtures, sinks, doorknobs, and cupboard handles for a more cohesive and modern look throughout your home.


Deep Clean the Carpet


Carpets are home to harmful bacteria, pet dander, dust, or even mold. Homebuyers typically aren't looking for carpeted homes, but if you have one room that still has carpet, you don’t have to replace the flooring to make a quick sale. If there are stains or discolorations on the carpets in your house, deep clean the carpet to give your home a fresh feeling. Find a carpet shampoo or rent a carpet cleaner, and make your carpets smell fresh and clean. If you need to hire a professional for the job, a service will typically charge $15 to $40 per room.


Replace the Blinds


If your home has heavy drapes, take them out before listing your home! Not only will they block natural light, but they’ll also date your home and turn away younger buyers. So, consider replacing curtains or drapes with easily adjustable blinds that will provide privacy at night but can easily be raised to let in sunlight during the day.


If you’re prepping your home to list it on the housing market, take some time to consider what home projects you can do to sell your home more quickly. Focus on modernizing your home, and make sure it’s clean and fresh and ready to impress.


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