Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Published on 7/22/2020

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Office


If you’re working from home, you need a dedicated workspace. Nothing is worse for your productivity than moving between the couch and kitchen table, plugging away at your work while trying—in vain—to escape the distractions of daily household life. Carving out a special place for work will make a huge difference in your motivation, mood, and work efficiency! Here are some tips to help you create a home office that will inspire productivity.


Choose Your Space Wisely


When selecting your workspace, consider the day-to-day life of your household so you can minimize distractions.


·         If possible, set up your office in a separate room so you can close the door and focus when your family is home.

·         If you don’t have a spare bedroom or quiet corner where you can set up a desk, consider converting your garage into a distraction-free workspace!

·         Rent a storage unit to get clutter and bulky furniture out of your new workspace. 


Limit Distractions


It’s easy to get distracted, even in a dedicated office space. Take steps to eliminate anything from your office that could hurt your productivity.


·         Hang a calendar or to-do list in your office to help you stay focused.

·         Avoiding distractions can be as simple as steering clear of the tv and setting office hours.

·         Keep your personal phone out of reach or turn it off during work hours.


Organize and Keep Things Neat


No one wants to work around a bunch of clutter. Use shelving and other simple storage solutions to keep clutter under control.


·         Get rid of anything you rarely use, like extra pens or a second stapler.

·         Reduce wires by choosing wireless devices for your office.

·         Use floating shelves, filing cabinets, and cupboards to store your office supplies.


Think About Ergonomics


Comfort is also important for productivity, so pay attention to ergonomics when setting up your home office. 


·         Get an office chair that allows you to sit with your elbows and knees at 90-degree angles.

·         Position your monitor directly at eye-height to keep your neck straight.

·         Remember to take frequent breaks to stand up, walk around, and stretch out those stiff muscles.


Working from home doesn’t have to be a constant battle against distractions. By keeping your home office clean, comfortable, and organized, you may even feel a little excited to start work in the morning!